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Who Should Avoid Nutgrass Rhizome

The nut grass rhizome should to be used b those who are deficient in qi or yin (the element responsible for cooling organs). It is believed that bitter herbs such as the nut grass rhizome… Continue reading

What is Nutgrass Rhizome?

Nutgrass rihizome is a common lawn weed that harms other plants and reduces crop yield. Yet it is prized in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) as a herb that promotes the flow of qi (vital energy), which… Continue reading

Matcha green tea is one of the herbal teas that is popular. In fact, most people purchase this kind of tea whenever they are shopping for groceries. Majority of individuals at present are now using it as a healthy beverage… Continue reading

We all dream to have a lasting slim body amidst the unhealthy amount of food we eat every day, and that is why some of us take in green tea capsules, diet supplements and pills to help us maintain the… Continue reading

Green tea supplements are the hype these days because many believe that it is the ultimate fat burner and cancer prevention pill, but for some of us who don’t know a lot about tea beverages and extracts, the question of… Continue reading

Jasmine Green Tea is a scented tea that was first created during the Song Dynasty in China, jasmine tea was once reserved for the imperial court and the monarchs, but nowadays everybody can have a sip of the famous scented… Continue reading

Bigelow green tea has been in the market since 1945, making it a trusted brand. More so, the Bigelow family has been creating green tea blends for three generations now, making them an institution in green tea making. Their teas… Continue reading

There are several lose weight green tea supplements in the market nowadays and Mega T green tea is one of them that claims to be an effective weight loss supplement.

But does Mega t green tea work? Well, that… Continue reading

The benefits of Tazo green tea to our health include having zero calories and just a few carbohydrates. The advantage of drinking tea from the Tazo brand is that the manufacturer does not make astonishing claims like having anti-aging and… Continue reading

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