Jasmine Green Tea is a scented tea that was first created during the Song Dynasty in China, jasmine tea was once reserved for the imperial court and the monarchs, but nowadays everybody can have a sip of the famous scented tea and experience its benefits.

Creating A Cup Of Jasmine Tea

Jasmine tea is basically green tea mixed with jasmine flowers which are known to be one of the sweetest smelling flowers in the world. Making a cup of jasmine tea starts by collecting tea leaves during early spring and storing it until summer when the jasmine trees will bloom. The jasmine flowers are collected during late afternoon when the buds are closed. After which, the buds will be mixed in the tea and will be left overnight so that the scent will remain.

Jasmine Green Tea Benefits

There are several benefits of Jasmine green tea, one of those is the prevention of all kinds of cancer because like all green teas, jasmine tea contains cathechins that are effective antioxidants that flushes the toxins in the body. More so, they have the ability to reduce the growth of abnormal cells like cancer cells and lumps. Jasmine tea is also good for the heart since it is proven to remove clogs in the arteries that can cause heart problems and even heart attacks. Aside from that, jasmine tea also has the ability to regulate cholesterol levels and blood pressure.  The tea is also claimed to promote calmness and relaxation as well as weight loss.

Jasmine Green Tea Weight Loss

Jasmine tea like all other teas contain catechins that aids in weight loss. The cathechins are responsible for increasing the rate of metabolism in the body hence more burning of fat. More so, the tea contains caffeine that acts as a stimulant that causes a person to do more activities that in turn can cause weight loss. However, the claim that we only need to drink tea to lose weight is a misnomer, there is no such beverage or supplement that can eliminate fat without exercise and eating a healthy diet. Drinking tea coupled with proper exercise, food and lifestyle can indeed make a person slimmer.

Jasmine Tea Effects

how-many-caffeine-in-green-teaJasmine tea is a popular beverage not only in the East but also in the West because of its naturally sweet taste and aroma. More so, jasmine is said to calm the mood of a person, but this effect is said to be cancelled out by the amount of caffeine content in the tea. Although, there are blends that lessens the amount of caffeine in the concoction like decaffeinated teas and blended tea beverages, which are said to have the best calming effects. However, there are other blends of jasmine tea that can increase a person’s sexual capacity. This is maybe due to the amount of caffeine in the tea as it acts as a stimulant and increases a person’s endurance. However, there are no scientific studies yet to prove that it can indeed increase a person’s sexual capacity.

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