Green tea supplements are the hype these days because many believe that it is the ultimate fat burner and cancer prevention pill, but for some of us who don’t know a lot about tea beverages and extracts, the question of what is it and is it really effective remains to be answered.

Green Tea Beverage Vs. Green Tea Supplements

Green tea can be taken up in tablet, capsule or liquid form but which is better? According to some sources, a capsule of green tea extract is equivalent to four to five cups of green tea. Therefore, by taking one capsule, we are taking up four to five times more amount of cathechin that helps burn fat and remove toxins. However, we are also taking up four to five times more amount of caffeine. Although, tea has less amount of caffeine it is still better to consult a doctor before taking up any supplements or beverage. Although, drinking a cup of green tea everyday is found to be beneficial and much recommended.

Green Tea Supplements For Weight Loss

Green tea is believed to be the most natural and organic way to lose weight, because it contains caffeine that can help burn calories faster and can increase a person’s rate of metabolism, making the body burn all those stored fat, hence the weight loss. However, doctors and health enthusiasts agree that drinking tea supplements alone will not help lose weight for a long term; they still recommend regular exercise and eating a healthy diet to really lose those extra pounds.

Benefits Of Green Tea Supplements

Green tea has been used by the Chinese since time immemorial, teas are a part of their daily diet and it was proven that teas make them live a fuller life. And since its discovery, scientist have run a lot of tests and trials about its benefits and they found out that a cup of tea can help prevent cancer because it contains a compound called epigallocatechin galate (EGCG) that helps remove toxins in the body. EGCG is also the active ingredient of green tea extracts and supplements. Theanine, an amino acid that can calm nerves is also seen to be present.

Furthermore, aside from green tea supplements benefits of removing toxins and burning fat, tea extracts and supplements can also regulate the cholesterol levels of a person. It can also lower the body’s blood pressure and can prevent the development of cardio vascular diseases. Common cold and flu can also be prevented by drinking multiple cups of green tea beverages or a few capsules of green tea extracts per day.

Green Tea Supplements Side Effects

imagesAs of today, there are no proven negative side effects from drinking green tea extracts and supplements. However, since it contains caffeine, consumers should be cautious especially when they have certain negative reactions when taking up caffeine, like heart palpitations, anxiety, increase blood pressure and worsening of ulcer. More so, pregnant women and lactating mothers should consult first before taking up any supplements as well as any person who are under drugs and medication.

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