With Lipton green tea, we not only improve our overall health but drinking it allows us to lose weight. According to studies, green tea has the compounds polyphenols which has fat burner side effects while we rest. This process is called thermogenesis. Green tea also has antioxidants which stop converting energy to fat.  When we drink green tea as we exercise, we burn fat and not muscles thus we can intensively work out. This beverage also has L-theanine which offsets the hormone cortisol connected to heightened fat storage, particularly in the abdomen. With Lipton, we lose weight and stubborn fat in a less costly way.

Green Tea Dosage

Our Lipton diet should have two to three cups of green tea every day. We can even drink up to eight cups and still be safe from an overdose of caffeine as long as our intake is not more than 400 mg daily.

Brewing Instructions

In brewing a delicious and effective Lipton diet green tea, we must boil a teapot containing six to eight ounces of water. We should then place one teabag of Lipton Green Tea in once cup and then pour hot water on it. We need to steep the teabags for a couple of minutes.  If we allow longer steeping, there shall be more beneficial compounds released thus weight loss is all the more achieved. Expect a bitter taste though when steeping longer.

To gain Lipton green tea benefits on weight loss, we must take a cup of it sixty minutes before we exercise. This shall give us increased endurance and less fatigue thus we achieve a highly intense exercise. We need such high-intensity workouts in order for us to get rid of body fat and conserve our lean muscle mass.

In the evening, we can brew Lipton Green Tea Citrus or Lipton 100% decaffeinated tea of the same brand. We will be rewarded with the calming effect and slimming benefits of this tea without suffering from insomnia once we go to bed.

Different Flavors

To ensure we enjoy our Lipton diet plan, we must experiment with its different flavors. We can add a calorie-less sweetener, honey, lemon or mint to our drink so as to enhance its flavor minus the unnecessary calories. We shall then enjoy a delicious drink that helps speed up our metabolism.

Green Tea At Work

fn169-green-tea-2When we are at work, let us carry with us Lipton teabags placed in a plastic container for us to drink in our workplace. If we are coffee drinkers, let us slowly replace this with caffeinated green tea so that we do not suffer from withdrawal symptoms. We should then gradually eliminate coffee from our system and fully replace this with green tea for a healthier body.

Consuming green tea made by Lipton is a good way to lose weight. We should combine it with a healthy diet minus sweets and processed foods and a regular physical workout program to achieve weight loss. If you are wondering is Lipton green tea good for you, try it out first to experience for yourself its healthy benefits. You can MAKE YOUR OWN magic Lipton green tea that’s EVEN MORE POWERFUL than their stuff, and safer too.

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