Because green tea diets are now becoming known worldwide for health reasons, it is important for us to drink the best green tea brand.

Green Tea For Weight Loss

A benefit of green tea is weight loss. The best green tea brand for weight loss has catechins and caffeine that increase metabolism and burn fat. It also removes dangerous toxins out of our bodies because of its antioxidant content.

If we wish to lose weight, we should consume three to six cups of the best brand of green tea for weight loss. This contains only a small amount of caffeine unlike coffee and it manages to suppress our appetites. We feel less hungry but more energetic. We should not however take more than six cups daily so that we do not have an overdose of caffeine.

There are different kinds of organic green tea to consume. The type of green tea we want will be determined by grade, country and region. The best brand of green tea relies on our taste, what we want from the tea and the quantity of caffeine we desire.

Best Green Tea To Purchase

The best green tea when it comes to quality is loose tea. The ones in tea bags are mostly tea dust and fannings that are left over after all other teas have been graded and then packed. We must be careful with the green tea we buy because some of them may be packed in bleached bags. This can be dangerous because the bleach may find its way into the tea. When we buy bottled tea, this is usually processed thus its taste or benefits may be gone. The good thing about loose tea is that they are frequently younger leaves that contain so much antioxidants, flavors and nutrients and less caffeine. The healthiest Chinese tea according to a 2004 study is Dragonwell. The researchers of this study were honest enough to admit though that they were only able to study just a few of the best green tea bags brands. Another study said the Japanese experienced lower cardiovascular diseases due to their consumption of green tea. The latter is also said to help treat many diseases and prevents cancer.

Best Green Tea Brand

How To Brew Green Tea

When we brew herbal green tea, we should do so for three minutes in a water temperature of 80F to 90F. It should be brewed in a container or basket where its leaves shall expand. We shall utilize more tea for brewing but in a single basket we may acquire three or more steeps.

Proper Time For Green Tea

It would be best to drink green tea every morning as it stimulates as and makes us feel energized. It is also advisable to consume it in between meals so that we will not feel hungry and avoid snacking. It is recommended not to drink it in the late afternoon or in the evening at bedtime as we may have difficulty sleeping. If we wish to consume green tea for its health benefits such as weight loss, we can buy it in groceries, supermarkets, health food stores and even in online stores.

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